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Welcome to my web page.  This page started as a required project while I attended Rice University. I keep it updated so that 5,000 years from now, when anthropologists unearth archive tapes from my ISP, I will be remembered... a shot at immortality, or at least an opportunity to be mentioned in someone's Ph.D. thesis that will be filed away for another 5,000 years. 

I have returned from Singapore after eight great years.  Singapore is a great place to live with excellent infrastructure and a wonderful cultural scene… not to mention golf in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Check out my photos, below.  However, it was time to come back.  We’ve got family and friends to return to, and the parameters on which I founded my business in Singapore have changed.  Good to be back.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at Wayne Herbert's Email.

What's in Herb's Website?

My company in the USA specializes in business debt restructuring and mediation, as well as capital acquisition for small and medium businesses.  Check it out at: Catalyst Business Advocates - Business Debt Mediation and Capital Acquisition

For information about me (including resume), try my Personal Information Sheet

For information about one of the most powerful things I ever did in my life, see Path to Personal Growth

I’m NOT living and working in Singapore now.  Nevertheless, the experience was life changing, and I have written about it and taken pictures.  See my Singapore Adventure

For information about my old company in Singapore, see Catalyst Project Solutions.  The company is still active… let me know if you’d like to take the name and brand.

I am blessed with a wonderful family.  See their pictures at Herbert Family

For pictures of my favorite toy, my Honda Valkyrie, see The Beast, The Dragon, the Fat Lady

For Flack Estates Homeowners Association information, try Flack Estates

Vacation and Travel

My travel pictures main page can be found at Herbert's Travel Pictures (There are many more categories than just the ones noted below)

For a view of a simply fantastic trip to Southeast Asia, see my Southeast Asia Sojourn

Take a look at the absolutely most difficult off road riding trip I have ever done, Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail

To see a bit of what I saw in South Africa, try my South Africa Safari

I went to Shanghai on business and had a chance to see some of the city.  See my Shanghai Business Trip

For a wonderful Colorado vacation by motorcycle, see Colorado Cruising

Other Pages on This Site

I’ve sold my Colorado property but it is still beautiful.  See it at South T-Bar Ranch Property.

See the world’s largest diesel engine at Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C Turbocharged Two Stroke Diesel .

I think George Bush is the worst president the US has ever had.  See the Bush Cartoons.

Hey, lots of other people think George Bush is the worst president, too.  See the Bush Pix and Posters.

For examples of the best way to say it, see Quotable Quotes

For my scholarly discussions on a variety of topics, see Rantings and Ravings

Ever heard of Macho Weekend?  No?  Then see Macho Weekend

I bought a watch in East Germany.  Ron Broz was able to tell me all about this Watch

Interesting Projects I Undertook While at Rice

For information concerning my DSP project, see Noise Cancellation

For information concerning my Mechatronics project, see Micro Actuators

Herb's Links (no sauce)

New Warrior Training

MKP International- The Mankind Project International website. Learn about the New Warrior Training Adventure
MKP Houston- The largest and one of the original Mankind Project centers
Warrior Training Brochure- A full description of the New Warrior Training and how it can benefit a man
MKP Australia- The Mankind Project Australian website, the closest center to Singapore

Government Related Pages

Singapore Style

Ministry of Manpower- Learn all about employment passes to work in Singapore
One Motoring- Plenty of information about vehicle rules in Singapore
Land Transport Authority- The government agency responsible for all aspects of transportation
Drivers License Info- Including how to convert a foreign license
Expats Guide- Lots of information for expats who are coming to Singapore
Enter Singapore- Lots of facts and figures about Singapore
Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority- All about starting a business in Singapore

Texas Style

Harris County - Bigger than several states - find out where your tax dollars go
City of Houston - maybe you don't want to find out where your tax dollars go
Harris County Appraisal District - a pretty decent online property maps and values resource
Lotto Texas Results - Have you won your way to easy street
The Texas Legislature - thank gawd it only meets every two years
Texas Criminal and Civil Law - just like they wrote it


Motivational Posters – Make your own motivational (or demotivational) poster here
Dual Citizenship – A website with lots of good information for Americans who have (or want to have) dual citizenship
F**ked Company.com - Find out about companies that are getting ready to tank
Internal Memos.com - The inside gossip about corporate America

About The Background On This Page

The background picture on this page is a screened back scan of Colonel J. P. Stapp in a rocket sled as he is braking from an extremely high acceleration.  The vehicle he used for these tests consisted of a pilot’s seat, which was bolted onto a sled. The sled sat very close to one end of 3550 feet of railroad track. Behind the sled was another similar vehicle,  which when ignited, released an enormous 40 000 pounds of thrust. Previous to this maximum test he had strapped himself onto this machine no less than twenty eight times. The highest speed attained during these tests was 421 miles per hour (673 kilometers per hour). At the other end of this railroad track waited a water barrier into which he crashed to slow him down from top speed to zero in less than 1.5 seconds. During that maximum test he hit the water barrier at an amazing 927 feet per second - nine tenths the speed of sound! His body sustained the force of between 35 and 40 g’s for a split second.

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